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Nudity in art poll
Greetings, fellow art lover. I hope you wouldn't mind answering a few questions. I hope to find out what people think of art, nudity in it, what they consider to be acceptable for display on a site like this that's open for everyone, and what should be kept somewhere else. What do you think of displaying erotic images, and what would be classified as such in your opinion, what you think about sex and or porn, and what is it? The two latter types will not be displayed on this site, reason being that I want to keep this site relatively "child-safe". If such material is displayed, should there be a warning, or should the site support a rating system such as SafeSurf (this site does).

The answers are now gathered automatically, less work for me, and always up to date. I will periodically check and edit if neccessary. The threshold for any censorship will be very high - if the answers make no sense, instigate to crime or attack a person or group etc., they will be removed.

WARNING: Messages are no longer edited before they are displayed. I have no control over what is said. Either do not read the answers, or understand that those are other people's personal views, and try not to be offended. Hopefully, there won't be any need to.

Minimum requirements for acceptable answers: ok/not, sex and age. Also, this is not a guestbook, though I like knowing what kind of people visit, try to keep your answers on topic, nudity in art.

Something many have apparently missed: you can check more than one box (ok/not + restrict)

Nudity in art
is ok   is not ok   access should be restricted

Where does the line between nudity and erotic go?

Erotic art
is ok   is not ok   access should be restricted

What kind of images would you call sexual in nature?

Sex in art
is ok   is not ok   access should be restricted

Where does the line between sex and porn go?

is ok   is not ok   access should be restricted

What would you let children of different ages see?

Your opinion on different kinds of sexual orientations / variations (s/m / violence, trans, homo etc.)?

Can nudity in art be about something other than sex?

Comments, your classification of pictures on these pages (mention name / number), see also the example pic below the text field.

For your convenience, other pics on this site linked below (return through the browser's back function)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-removed 12-removed 13 14

Here's a pic I, for example, would consider only to contain harmless nudity. Take a good look. Don't answer on your first impulse, but please do mention what it was. After making up your mind, you might want to see what others have thought (if you haven't completed and sent the form, return using the browser's BACK button to retain entered form info).
Medusa Family

Other comments on the subject

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Anything else about yoursef you'd like to share here?

Questions you think I should add?

How did you find the poll?

Private message, this will not be visible to public. If you wish to add some personal background, email etc., but are worried for some reason about being recognized (very unlikely) by someone you know, you can do it here.


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