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Niin, nimeni siis on Tero Lindfors. Synnyin Porvoossa 29. 5. 1974, ja olen asunut täällä koko tähänastisen ikäni.
        Lapsuudessani elelin melko tavallista pienen pojan elämää. Joukkueurheilusta en ole koskaan ollut kiinnostunut, mutta judossa kävin viittä vaille vihreään vyöhön ja 11 ikävuoteen saakka. Luin seikkailu- ja nuortenkirjoja, löysin scifin, ja nykyään luen enimmäkseen fantasiaa ja satunnaisesti muita hyviä kirjoja sekä sarjakuvia. Tietokone ja pelit ovat myös olleet kuvassa varhaisilta vuosilta lähtien.
        Yläasteelta jatkoin lukioon pitääkseni kaikki ovet tulevaisuuteen avoinna. Tein kesätöitä paikallisissa tehtaissa, ja sijoitin rahani mopojen, autojen ja ryyppäämisen sijasta tietokoneisiin ja stereoihin, joille kyllä löytyykin käyttöä. Tietokonetta käytän sekä viihteeseen että työhön, ja kuuntelen runsaasti monenlaista musiikkia.

        Kävin armeijan ja muutaman multimediakurssin, joilla tutustuin Internetiin ja perustin kotisivuni 1996. Etsin opiskelupaikkaa, ja pääsin Porvoon käsi-ja taideteolliseen oppilaitokseen viestinnän ja kuvataiteen linjalle vuonna 2000. Valmistuttuani 2003 siirryin töihin graafiseksi suunnittelijaksi pieneen helsinkiläiseen uusmediatoimistoon, jossa työskentelin kaksi vuotta. Oman yritykseni perustin 2002.
        Muita harrastuksia piirustus, maalaus ja kuvanveisto sekä eksoottiset tai erikoiset matalan teknologian aseet.
So, my name (surprisingly) is Tero Lindfors. I was born on the 29th of May 1974 in the town of Porvoo in southern Finland, and have lived here since.
        I pretty much lived a normal small boy's childhood. I never cared much for team sports, but did go to judo class till almost green belt and the age of 11. I read adventure and junior novels, found sci-fi, and moved on to mostly fantasy and the occasional other good books and comics. Computers and games have also been a part of my life from early on.
        I continued from junior to senior high / sixth form college to keep all doors open to the future. I worked summers in local factories, invested my money in computers and stereos instead of mopeds, cars and drinking, and put them to good use. I use computers for both work and entertainment, and listen to a wide variety of music.
        I served in the army, took a few multimedia courses, got to know Internet, and put my homepages online 1996. I looked for a place to study, and was accepted in Borgå hantverks- och konstindustri skola, the local swedish-language arts and crafts school, to the communications and arts course in 2000. After I graduated in 2003 I went to work for a small new media office in Helsinki as a graphic designer for two years, after which I started my own company in 2002.
        Other hobbies include drawing, painting, sculpture and collecting exotic or special low-tech weapons.
What? Where? The land of eternal cold and darkness and polar bears? Not quite... So, where is this strange place? In northern Europe, between Sweden and Russia (see Finland / server map). Almost all of Finland is in arctic region, and large part of Finnish Lappland above the polar circle. Think Alaska, Iceland, Siberia. Our climate here in Scandinavia is made gentler by the Gulf stream, and we have lovely seasons. Except when we don't. :) Temperatures range from 22 Celsius (72 F) in the summer to -25 Celsius (-13 F) in the winter on the average, can be warmer or colder, depending on in which part of the country you are. Our northern position also means that we have the nightless nights and the dayless days, or here in the southern end, 6 hour days in the winter and short and light nights in the summer. And the aurora borealis, the northern lights, which, sadly for me, are usually only worth seeing in the northern parts. We have lots of forests and lakes, with some (not all that many) bears, lynxes and wolves that hardly ever eat anyone :-p -Seriously, there are some unfortunate meetings with bears sometimes. These are usually due to a surprised mother bear trying to keep nearby cubs safe. There are no serious threats in Finnish nature that some common sense, instructions and appropriate clothing wouldn't take care of, if you venture in deep forest or certain type of terrain. Safer than most places. The country and government? Try http://www.finland.fi/suomi_fi/ for a starting point for all sorts of Finland information.

What of the language then? Finnish is a fenno-ugric language, related to Hungarian and more closely to Estonian. I have a dedicated page on the language. For a taste, listen to this sample saying: "Minun nimeni on Tero Lindfors ja tervehdin teitä kaikkia siellä jossain." ("My name is Tero Lindfors and I greet you all there somewhere.")

Steam-cooked finns? What are they doing to themselves? It's called sauna, and we quite like it... The sauna is a Finn's sanctuary, a place of relaxation, an important part of our lives. It is a wood-panelled room or a separate building (preferably near a lake or sea) heated by a bathhouse stove, "kiuas", wood-fuelled (traditional, better) or using electricity (easy). The rocks on the stove are heated until the air temperature in the room is 60-120 degrees Celsius (140-250 Farenheit). First you shower, then you climb on a platform in the sauna, with or without company (families usually bathe together, at least until the children grow to their teens; companies arrange sauna evenings to combine business and pleasure; friends (usually of the same sex) go to sauna together) and beer, and definitely without any clothes. Then you throw water on the heated rocks, and enjoy the hot steam, and in the spring or summer, use a "vihta" or "vasta", basically a bunch of birch braches (thin branches, not the wrist-thick older ones :-) with fresh new leaves tied together to hit yourself and/or your companion all over (hard) with. Greatly improves circulation. When it gets too hot, you go outside (naked) and jump in the water, be it summer or winter (saw a hole in the ice before going into the sauna), rolling in the snow is also acceptable. Then you go back in, throw some more water on the rocks, and beat yorself a bit more with the branches. After sweating adequately, you wash up. This is done AT LEAST once a week. Sound like a crazy bunch, do we? But we do enjoy it, couldn't live without it! :-)
        You can also visit this excellent sauna site to find out more about sauna, sauna customs, building your own...

Hearsay: Many people have strange beliefs about Finland, if they have heard about it at all. Read about it, or tell us what you have heard or thought about Finland.

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