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What I have heard about Finland . . . great place for the arts, friendly to visitors, Helsinki and Tampere have a lot to do and see; um, terrible bugs in the summer in the woods; originator of the Kalevala (just bought an English translation), lots of great music (heard Kokkonen just died); beat the crap out of the Russians in 1939; lots of lakes and woods and very very long summer days . . . by the way I love your page, and if you are interested in computer-assisted music and art come and visit mine . . . I'll trade links with you if you like. . . take it easy . . .

David Denniston

I hear Tammisalo is a very nice place to live ;) Seriously though, I like your page. It's well done. By the way, you don't know a Vicky do you? Hmm, just wondering, heh, bye! Timo


Been there...done that...I think it is an incredible country! If fact, if I could roll my "r"s, I just might move there... experiencing sauna-withdrawal right now in fact! There is so much I could say about Finland, but I wouldn't want to take up all the space :-)

You know who!

I've heard that Finland has some beautiful lighthouses. I collect postcards of them, and would love to see some, if possible.


Very interesting homepage! You have lots of cool topics :)
make me want re-do my homepage :)


I was born in Finland, so I know a lot about it. I lived in Helsinki, and I liked it a lot there. Linnanmäki was the best, though.


Sisu is the only finn human trait that keeps me going besides the spiritual Holy Trinity. God be with you Tero. It's good to leave a note to a brother Finn, even though I am three generations removed. Hmm, seems we have something in common, I served in the Marines for a tour of 6 years with similar experiences no doubt. Send some mail and we'll trade notes. Gus

Leo V. "Gus" Gustafsson

I'm from Italy and i just love Finland. Here is my tribute in italian...

Gerry (KALEVA)

My family name is Tikka and I am interested in finding out more about my family in Finland. We live in the United States in the Pacific Northwest, now. Thank you.

Samantha Tikka

A finnish girl told me something of finland. In oulu you have a university, and some nice things... But is really cold in the winter in Finalnd(-25) The wionter is long and dark, and in the summer there are many bugs.. I have bene told finland is nice...

Actually, winter temperatures range from +5 to -35 Celsius, and though we have our share of bugs, the winter kills many of them, so we actually have less bugs than the more southern Europe. ...And we do have universities and nice things in many other towns too! :-) -T


I like Finland. The climate is very soft there. The saunas are very cool and clean.


That there once was sea at Katajamäki.

MOI!!! MITA?! I'm an Australian girl and I think that Finland is a fantastic country (although I've never been there!) and Ilove the language (and want to learn it someday - even though it has 15 cases!!!!!!! - I speak fluent German and that's hard enough with only 4!!!!) My best friend is finnish and I love her too, AND Don Huonot is the best band in the whole world!!!!! I love their voices and they're very cute!!! Would you be able to tell me their Fan-mail address if you know it?!! Pida hauskaa! Alice

P.S. It would be great if you put some more finnish words on the internet, because lately I have been resorting to learning the language from chocolate packets and calendars: ainekset, kaakaovoi, kasvisrasva, uudenvuodenpaiva, helatorstai...etc!!!!


Moi! Minun nimeni on Alice Butcher, ja olen australialainen. En ollut Suomessa, mutta oikein pidan Suomesta, ja oppiskellan Suomea. Australialaiset sanoa Suomea on 'like' (sama?) Saksaa, mutta, puhun Saksaa (ja vahan Suomea!), ja mun mielesta ne ovat 'COMPLETELY DIFFERENT'!!!! Henkilot sanoa(?) "Eiko tykka Ruotsista?!" ja sanoan "EI! SUOMI EI OLE RUOTSI!!!!!" Muuten, kiroitait minulla ja sanoit 'Website addresses'. Kiitos paljon!!! Sinun vuodenaika Kuvatsi ovat kaunis. Mina pidan Suomesta!! Haluan seuraava Vuosi olla Au pair Suomessa!!
Taas, kiitos paljon!!!
ja heippa!

Alice Butcher

Why is it so difficult to find a map of Finland where Porvoo is on it? I would like to know where in Finland it is situated. Maybe your sight can provide that?

Well what do you know, wishes really can come true... (triangle on south coast)


I heard about finnish people that they are so silent, and without fair paly neither feeling. They are like Robots, which work with order.


1. Well educated people
2. Wonderful ladies
3. Rapala!=Good fishing
4. Like Canada
5. Summertime wonderland, light great.
5. Beautiful Ladies
6. Intelligent people.
7. Independent and peaceful.

Don B
Email (incomplete)

Hei taas! Tässä on vielä kerran Alice Australiasta..... no - olen nyt Suomessa. Kun minä olin Australiassa minusta tuntui että Suomen pitää olla unelma-maa. Ja nyt olen täällä. Minä haluan sanoa, että uskon sitä vielä Suomi on kiva, ihana, mahtava, suloinen, upea, unelma maa!!!!!!!!! Olen 2 viikoa sitten täällä ja olen niin onnellinen että minä voin jäädä tänne ihan vuodeksi. Niin, minä haluan sanoa kaikelle, joille ovat kiinostunut tästä ihanasta maasta älä luovuta! NEVER GIVE UP ON FINLAND - FINLAND FANS!!! And to "you know who" (I'm guessing your name is Marilyn!!), there is a way to learn to roll your Rs! I tried unsuccessfully for more than 3 years before I tried this technique, and after a week or so, I can finally say "ärrän kierrän orren ympäri.." more or less successfully, and I can say R in most words. So, what to do practise saying "odottaa" over and over again because the d is very close to R, and will naturally graduate into R after a while. You'll see what I mean!! So there are absolutely no excuses for not going to Finland and that applies to everyone!!! So what if the language is extremely (x100!!) hard - have patience and lots and lots of SISU!!! That's what I'm trying to do!! Here's a song that I made up today, which might help keep your spirits up!!! It's to the tune of "Deck the halls with boughs of holly"!!

"Suomi on ihana fa la la la la la la la la,
Upea ja mahtava fa la la la la la la la la,
Kiva kieli, kaunis maa fa la la la la la la la la,
Minä tykkään tästä maasta (or "tätä maata rakastan" for something a bit stronger!) fa la la la la la la la la!!

Ok, now that I've convinced everyone that I'm some kind of Finland-freak, I'll leave you in peace! Finns and other Finland fans please write!!! Suomeksi jos mahdollista - mun täytyy oppia sitä, vaikka se on tosi vaikea!!!
Terveiset kaikelle SUOMESTA!!!!!


I'm currently in Stockholm (Sweden) and basicly frezing my ass of, so I would not want to home.....
Bye the way Turku Rulez......


Help me please, I AM GOING TO Finland in summer this year for a seven week holiday, and can't speak a word of it!! Can, anyone give me any advice, I am a Brit, but I am only nearly 19, and need to learn how to surrive out there!!
Any advice will do!


MOIKKELIZ!I musted write here because I am from Finland,and it was fun to read your opinions of our land. it is so hardto believe,that somenones don´t actually know,what,or where and what kind of Finland is...;) Sorry,at I can´t write so good english,but..good try... so,everyone,who is mad about Finland:
Send ae-meil to me,what to you think about Finland??or what do you know,or not? i wait your message!!!!!!


Tell me what you have thought or heard about Finland, and I'll add it here!


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