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(These awards are discontinued, you cannot apply for them anymore. I might start a new award program later. Unlinked sites have relocated / disappeared.)

Vanhan sinetin voittajat
Winners of the old seal

Poems, Pleasures & Promises, etc.*
Elly's Slice of Cyberpie
Mint's Lair
HeyYouSir's Homepage
Nites Steele Rose
Lady Rose Welcomes You
Blazen's Place
The Glazner Family Home Page
More Than Words
Topher's Castle
THE END ZONE: Texas Longhorn Football
Jaeger Art
IRAN Photo Album
Callsfire's Lair
The Mystic Forest
The Raven's Nest
Scottish Radiance - A Hebridean Journal

Uuden sinetin voittajat
Winners of the new seal

The Sea
Loadstar's Lair

Kultamaljan voittajat
Winners of the Golden Goblet

Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art

Kulta-arkun voittajat
Winners of the Coffer of Gold

Belgian Linkpage
Raven's Flock Newsletters

Saadut palkinnot     Awards received
Ennen sivu-uudistusta 3/2003     Before redesign 3/2003

  • Ylivoimainen A-Ryhmä
  • Housernet Honor Roll Honorable Mention
  • Rhymester's Far Out! Award
  • Catfish's Pond Favorite Site Award
  • Home Grown Excellence Award
  • THOMAS' SUNNY surf award
  • Gar award - hot site
  • The Elite of The Web
  • IAO Award for Design Excellence
  • dragon weyr award
  • Blazen's Web Creation Award
  • Website Excellence Award Honorable Mention March 1997
  • Virtual Vikki's Seal of Approval
  • Wizard of The Web 1997
  • Escati Like It! Award
  • Poolside Outstanding Award
  • Nites Steele Rose Award Silver Axe
  • Whoa An impressive Web Site
  • Hope's Award for Web Site Excellence
  • WEB Design AWARD

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